Special occasions



"Pram egg"

This beautiful pram is made from a goose egg. Inside is a tiny baby lying under a handmade quilt. The egg is decorated with pearls and delicate lace. 


"White princess"

A goose egg and a quail egg are used to create this beautiful piece of art. Both eggs are decorated with rhinestone chain, gold cord and miniature flowers made from cold porcelain. The egg is placed on a gold stand. A perfect gift for all occasions, especially weddings, as a symbol of new life.


 "Wedding egg"

This beautiful Ostrich egg is hand cut with a lattice designs and decorated with pearls and gold filigree. The bride and groom's figurines  are added to the inside of the egg. A very unique gift for wedding or anniversary. The egg can also be used as a top of the wedding cake. 

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